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Kauai Style 2k  -   Kalani Nishimura  photo album

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the chineze language version of this page:

the kauai style midi creations

Here is a collage of pictures in 1 picture featuring the trip to the republic of texas.  (07/13/03 - 07/22/03) picture is "image mapped" .. you can click on some of them for a BIGGER picture.   Also, check the links below for more picture pages.

guang-zhou,  china trip 2009:

*coming soon!*   

guang-zhou/beijing,  china trip 2008:

flite from pdx to nrt, 1st day in china getting married in yue-xiu, guang-zhou scenes from south pan-yu, tian-he'
nan-yue king tomb-site museum various scenes from guang-zhou flite from guang-zhou to tian-jin
tian-an-men square, forbidden city, beijing temple of heaven, beijing ju-yong-guan great wall of china
prince gong's mansion, various beijing military museum in beijing cruisin' around in tianjin
summer palace, -n- other places in beijing having fun at the tianjin airport eating the fun stuff in hai-zhu, guang-zhou
bao mo gardens, south pan-yu

hong kong/guang-zhou,  china trip 2007:    

110 minutes in japan mong-kok, kow-loon, hong kong luohu, shen-zhen, china
south hai-zhu, guang-zhou  #1 xia-jiu lu, li-wan, guang-zhou wedding in guang-zhou
recon pictures of a chineze market yue-xiu park #1,  guang-zhou wen-hua park,  guang-zhou
tian-he', guang-zhou beijing lu, guang-zhou pearl river boat cruize
chen clan academy, guang-zhou yue-xiu park #2, guang-zhou cong-hua #1, guang-dong
cong-hua #2, guang-dong south -n- central hai-zhu various guang-zhou pictures #1
various guang-zhou pictures #2 tsuen wan, hong kong victoria peak + central, hong kong
madame tussaud's, hong kong tsim sha tsui, hong kong

(many more to come .. a little later)

Other pages of pictures:

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Multnomah falls #2 Evergreen avaiation museum Portland Japaneze garden
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Republic of utah 1987 Home on kauai 2003 Home on kauai 2004
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Home in oregon #2 *snow* in rock creek, oregon Spring 2004 in rock creek, oregon
Honolulu, HI 2004  #1 Honolulu, HI 2004  #2 Kaneohe 2004
fremont, ca 2003 San Francisco 2004 Co'os Bay,  oregon
Allerton Gardens - lawai, kauai 2005 Home on kauai 2005 Buildings in Honolulu 2005
Honolulu scenes 2005 China-town Honolulu 2005 Kaneohe 2005
Union pacific steam train Portland Japaneze garden 2005 Portland rose garden 2005
hood river, oregon 2005 columbia river gorge 2005 rock creek, oregon  2005
vancouver, washington 2005 flying to kauai 2006 hanapepe, kauai 2006
east-side kauai 2006 kilauea, kauai 2006 hanalei, kauai 2006
na-wili-wili, kauai 2006 south-side kauai 2006 honolulu, HI 2006
waikiki, oahu 2006 various oahu 2006 mt. shasta, ca 2006
golden gate bridge, ca 2006 inter-state #280, ca 2006 san francisco, ca 2006
clark county fair, wa 2006 north shore oahu 2006 1/2 foster gardens, hi 2006
various oahu pictures 2006 1/2 stone-henge, mary-hill,wa mosier tunnels, or 2006
columbia river gorge - west 2006 columbia river gorge - east 2006 mary-hill museum of art 2006
rock creek, oregon - 2006 #1 rock creek, oregon - 2006 #2 west vancouver, wa 2006
rock creek, oregon - winter 2007 puhi, kauai, hawaii - winter 2007 down-town lihue, na-wili-wili 2007
waipouli, kauai, hawai'i 2007 ala moana shopping centre 2007 honolulu, hawai'i 2007
honolulu -n- oahu, 2007 north san francsico 2007 china-town san francisco 2007
down-town san francisco, 2007 sunny-vale, san jose' ca 2007 santa cruz, ca 2007
sea-tac, tukwila wa 2007 inter-state #5 washington 2007 clark county fair 2007
minoru park, richmond b.c. 2007 richmond, s.w. vancouver b.c. 2007 vancouver b.c. 2007
rock creek summer 2007 nw portland, or 2007 columbia river gorge 2007
west side kauai, hi 2007 lihue, kauai, hi 2007 kaneohe + honolulu, hi 2007
kauai, december 2008 kaneohe, december 2008 ala moana beach, shopping centre
cruisin' with dale -n- friends 2008 honolulu city lites, manoa cemetary 2008 friends -n- relatives 2008
hood river, oregon 2008 hood river -n- mt hood road trip, 2008

Chau v. Huynh the "DaB" Mike Maynor Shao-rang Liu tina - thi ngo Mary Yoneji  (external link)

intel peoples:

Cornelius pass road-house intel ltd summer picnik 2005
intel ltd summer picnik 2006 tien -n- anh's wedding

Other things I do:

If you have a fast connection,  please try out this mpeg 1 vijeo file:  kpiano2a.mpg   I am trying to  play my piano/key-board here.  It is 4.4 megz big, runs for 1:09  160 x 120 resolution.   Just for the purpose of research -n- development.  (for extra crejit .. see if you can name that toon!)

Try this 1 for size:   kpiano3.mpg   30 meg vijeo file - run-time = 1:22  (again .. see if you can name THIS toon!)

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