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part of the kauai-style.com, kahili.net net-work, by k. nishimura     email = kauai999 @ yahoo.com   this page is dedicated to the extremely HIGH gas prices in oregon, and other things as well that make you scratch your head and say to your-self:     "how you figgah?"     if you have any-thing to  add to this page, email me.

how you figgah? (what it means)
(pronounced:  how you fee gah)

Definition: how do you figure that to be the case?; how can that be?
Used In A Sentence: Eh Jay, how you figgah?
In English?: How can that be Jay?

San Francisco,  CA  gas prices:  05/19/07     

(now this will really give you a heart attack!  if NOT the highest in the usa,  may-be in the world!!!  this is some serious 4 dollah a gallon gasoline.)

picture taken at the chevron by cornelius pass road -n- imbrie drive, north hillsboro, oregon. I pass this location to go work every-time. they is usually $0.10 a gallon MORE then every-body else in town. b-b-b-but people still go buy gasoline/petrol there.

how you figgah?

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