ala moana beach -n- shopping centre,  oahu   2008

 this is scenes from the ala moana beach,  majic island,  ala moana shopping centre during the winter months of 2008

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panoramic picture of majic island,  ala moana shopping centre,  waikiki,  diamond head,  oahu  (full size picture = 1962 x 600 resolution)

a perfect thanx-giving eve after-noon at ala moana beach.  80f -n- totally sunny.  the water is about 74f,  perfect for an after-noon swim    11/26/08  standing in the middle of the ala moana beach drive.  (no attempt this stunt on your own),  useing a tri-pod -n- camera self-timer helene at ala moana beach life-guard station #1c.  she makes sure that I no drown when doing my usual 1/4 mile swim.   01/08/09
standing in front of the ala moana beach rest rooms on a christmas eve day    12/24/08 ala moana beach on a sunny day, with a matson container ship out in the distance    12/24/08  standing on majic island,  with the diamond head behind (peak elevation: 760 ft)    12/21/08
walking in-side majic island state park    12/21/08  a clearing in-side majic island state park  standing on majic island,  with the ala moana beach behind    12/21/08
the family beach truck,  good for "the beach",  NO air conditioning,  NO rajio, NO power steering,  -n- better yet, it NO eat gasssssss!  an empty ala moana beach.  80f -n- sunny, water temp about 74f b-b-b-but too COLD for the local peoples to go swimming    11/26/08 ala moana beach,  ala moan shopping centre behind,  taken from majic island    12/21/08
hawai'i in a recession?  ahhhh  i no think so.  this is the top deck on the liberty house (macy's) side.  parking is still hard to find here.    11/26/08  the new renovated ala moana shopping centre,  boasts being the biggest "open air shopping centre" in the world with 290+ stores.  (easy to get lossed here!)  ala  moana,  oahu,  hi  standing in front of the new nordstroms store in the ala moana shopping centre.  it juss' opened up a few months ago.    11/26/08
even the ala moana shopping centre sells xiong-mao's     12/06/08  pillow pets for sale.  do you see the xiong-mao pillows here?    12/10/08 in-side the man's room at neiman marcus store.  if you need a clean rest-room at ala moana shopping centre,  this is the place to go! 
 ala moana shopping centre on the 3rd floor by the honolulu coffee company    12/05/08  ala moana centre court from the 3rd floor during the christmas season    12/06/08 ala moana shopping centre,  as view'd from the 4th floor    12/06/08

nite time panoramic picture of majic island,  west waikiki,  oahu  (full size resolution = 1995 x 600 resolution)


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