honolulu city lites,  manoa chineze cemetary,  oahu   2008

haveing dinner with ellie -n- the gang at kabuki japaneze restaraunt in kaka'ako, honolulu, oahu  -n- then walking across the street to see the "honolulu city lites" christmas display in alapa'i,  honolulu.  also some scenes from the manoa chineze cemetary,  in mauka manoa valley,  oahu

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haveing dinner with ellie -n- the gang at kabuki's restaraunt,  kaka'ako,  honolulu,  hi    12/21/08 eating shrimp tempura,  also sashimi (raw fish) at kabuki's restaraunt alan enjoying dinner at kabuki's restaraunt    12/21/08 
standing with ellie in front of mr -n- mrs frosty the snow-man standing in front of mr -n- mrs santa claus,  hawai'ian style    12/21/08  in-side the honolulu hale' (city hall building) enjoying the christmas displays    
honolulu city lites, its all about christmas in hawai'i,  in front of honolulu city hall.  alapa'i,  honolulu,  hi    12/21/08  standing with ellie in front of a "mele kaliki-maka" made outta' BIG kiddy blox  ellie -n- mae standing in front of a "mele kaliki-maka" made outta' BIG kiddy blox
a giant size uku-lele' in front of the honolulu hale' walls.    12/21/08  a fully decorated christmas tree in-side honolulu hale' the official honolulu hale' christmas tree    12/21/08
a large ginger-bread man is in town for christmas chuck-ee sitting on a modern christmas tree.  in-side honolulu  hale'    12/21/08  an exhibit with all the projects pertaining to the city -n- county of honolulu.
standing in front of honolulu hale (city hall building) displaying the BIG out-door christmas tree -n- decorations   12/21/08 a scary obake' nativity scene.  out-side the honolulu city hall building.   alapa'i,  honolulu  a colourful honolulu city hall deck'd out for "honolulu city lites" christmas season    12/21/08
 next to great grand-paw's grave in manoa chineze cemetary.   mauka manoa,  oahu,  hi    12/24/08 upper east manoa valley,  from the manoa chineze cemetary the view of manoa valley,  from the manoa chineze cemetary.  the HIGH buildings of waikiki is visible from here.    12/24/08
at the manoa chineze cemetary    12/24/08  standing in front of the "lin yee chung" grand ancestor memorial in-side the manoa chineze cemetary,  standing by gate-way    12/24/08 
the manoa chineze cemetary.  looking towards the ko'olau mountains.  can you see the faint rain-bow on the left side of picture?  buddhist statue in-side manoa chineze cemetary    12/24/08 looking down-hill towards the south-east,  manoa valley.


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