san jose' + sunny-vale, ca  2007

sunny-vale,  san jose', driveing on hwy #17 to santa cruz   (south bay area of california)

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 staying here at the world's famous sunny-vale inn  (I wonder why they call it sunny-vale?)  05/22/07  hanging out in the swimming pool at the sunny-vale inn.   sunny -n- about  85f/29.4c  pool wuz NOT heated, water very COLD!   intersection of s de anza, n. de anza -n- stevens creek blvd.  cupertino,  ca   05/25/07
wierd-stuff wear-house,  #1 sellers of junk electronique,  computer parts in north sunny-vale.   05/23/07  eating the "bun dac biet" rice noodle bowl at the "phu'o'ng thao" restaraunt on murphy ave,  down-town sunny-vale.  05/24/07    top view of the "bun dac biet" house special.  plenny enough to fill you up in 1 sitting.  $8.75 for 1 bowl.  phu'o'ng thao restaraunt
haveing lunch with rainey, at the east-ridge maul, eating the mongolian grill food.  east san jose'  ca   05/23/07  in-side the west-field valley fair maul in santa clara, ca .. very eazy to get lost in here.  BIG!  05/24/07  got a few seconds to make a decision to either to go san jose' or santa cruz, which is a good 30 miles from here.  
  south-bound on hwy #17 for santa cruz, before making accent to the patchen pass summit. the patchen pass, on the hwy #17 on the way to santa cruz.  1800 ft. elevation,  very HIGH!  makeing final approach to santa cruz, after passing scotts valley.  hwy #17,  santa cruz,  ca   05/25/07


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