yue-xiu park, guang-zhou  #2   2007

 yue-xiu park featureing the zhen-hai tower,  made in 1380, and the guang-zhou museum that is in-side that tower

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standing in front of zhen-hai tower, made origonally in 1380, during the ming dynasty.  in 1929 it became part of the guang-zhou museum complex zhen-hai tower, made in 1380, nothing man-made this old exists in hawai'i or in the usa.    10/03/07  side view of zhen-hai tower, yue-xiu park,  yue-ziu, guang-zhou,  guang-dong,  china
what the zhen-hai tower looked like in the day of old.  it became the guang-zhou museum in 1929 some historical information about the zhen-hai tower    10/03/07 old rajio, victrola, dian-wah on display at the guang-zhou museum (in-side the zhen-hai tower)
model of guang-zhou city of what it used to be in the ming/quing dynasty period.   notice the zhen-hai tower at the top of city old knitting machine -n- other tools, guang-zhou museum    10/03/07 models of guang-dong houses in the days of old.
a future model view of guang-zhou.  notice the citic plaza tower on the right.  the river that divides the city = the "pearl river"    10/03/07 HIGH buildings in zue-xiu, guang-zhou, as view'd from the zhen-hai tower, yue-xiu park  sun yat sen monument, as view'd from the top of the zhen-hai tower, yue-xiu park    10/03/07
standing next to wall, made in the 1300's during the ming dynasty.  (didnt think concrete would last this long in HOT humid weather)    10/03/07 standing next to the BIG guns, yue-xiu park standing next to old wall (also made in the 1300's) -n- a bunch of museum junk.  another HOT (hen re') 90f+ day in yue-xiu park 
a poster describeing guang-zhou public bus system in the days of old bili standing next to old bus in guang-zhou museum complex,  yue-xiu park    10/03/07 BIG smile bili on the de-funct bus at the guang-zhou museum.  (articulated bus, used in the 1970's)  NO, it wusnt equipped with air conditioning 


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