kilauea, kauai  2006

(this pictures were taken 3 weeks prior to the BIG flood and DAM break in kilauea, kauai)

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 weather report for kilauea, kauai, HI for 02/18/06  HIGH of 78F, LOW of 60F, perfect, really!  large lau-hala tree at the guava-kai plantation, north kilauea, kauai  standing next to mascots of the guava-kai plantation
a very small pink hibiscus flower plant, only 1 foot high.  top view of the pink hibiscus flower picking guava's at the guava kai farm (yes, we did request permission to do so)
tropical fruits found in hawai'i. MORE fruits the curious keoki (george) monkey, sitting quietly at the kong lung store in kilauea.  02/18/06 
lite-house road in kilauea, faceing towards the west kong lung store in kilauea, kauai  eating a very large burritoe from the kilauea fish market


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