having fun at the tian-jin air-port,  china   2008

 the tour group dropped us off at the tian-jin bin-hai inter-national air-port about 4:00 pm, (air-port code = tsn)  but then the flite out wuz supposed to be at 7:00 pm,  but got delayed 'till  11:30 pm because of thunder-storm weather back in guang-zhou.  so what do we do to kill time?      05/04/08

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haveing a little bit of fun with the camera in the tian-jin fei-ji chaang (air-port) parking lot    05/04/08    in front of the tian-jin bin-jai inter-national air-port, trying to kill a few hours before the flite back to guang-zhou lifting the xiong-mao into the air,  she ain't heavy,  ta de tai-tai!    05/04/08   
haveing MORE fun out-side the terminal building,  tian-jin  inter-national air-port out-side the terminal building,  nice to be at an air-port tha's NOT crowded   watching the sun-set from out-side the tian-jin bin-hai inter-national air-port    05/04/08
playing around in the tian-jin air-port ting-che chaang  (parking lot)  the sun setting at the tian-jin air-port the setting sun between us,  startin' to get a little cool here:  70f in the shade
a fei-ji fly's HIGH over the setting sun standing in-side the check-in area of the tian-jin  inter-national air-port anthurium flower,  these things also grow a plenney in hawai'i.  tian-jin inter-national air-port    05/04/08
 xiong-mao standing under an up-side down huo-shan (volcano) xiong-mao working the ticket counter today.    next to some tropical plants, in-side the tian-jin air-port    05/04/08
standing next to packageing kiosk, to wrap up boxes -n- stuff the flite back to guang-zhou had beenth delayed for about 3 hours due to t-storms in the area (probably the SAME system that hit us in beijing yesterday!)    an almost deserted tian-jin air-port, 8:30 pm local time.  our flite hath beenth delayed about 3 hours so far, due to inclement weather in guang-zhou    05/04/08
xiong-mao in front of some potted plants in-side the tian-jin air-port terminal  departures going outta' tian-jin air-port the kfc in-side tian-jin air-port    05/04/08
hangin' out at the kfc in-side the tian-jin air-port xiong-mao crusin' around in the tian-jin air-port shu dian  (book-store)    05/04/08 standing next to tian-jin air-port window 
xiong-mao in front of the "lei cafe'", they is trying to be hawai'ian!  xiong-mao is about to board the fei-ji, to go back to guang-zhou in-side the shen-zhen air-lines aero-plane    05/04/08


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