golden gate bridge, ca  2006

the golden gate bridge spans u.s. hwy #101 from san francisco to marin county, california

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 the golden gate bridge, looking from the san francisco side.  presidio,  ca   06/06/06   golden gate bridge toll plaza.  crossing the bridge south-bound into san francisco will cost you $5.00 sky-line of san francisco from the golden gate bridge visitor's parking lot.   presidio, ca  06/06/06
the golden gate bridge parking lot, on the san francisco side.   it will cost you $0.25 for 15 minutes of parking   a perfect picture of the golden gate bridge.  the weather wuz perfect:  66f, sunny, but windy as hell!  the south end of the golden gate bridge,  side view.
looks like a good surf spot on the south end of the bridge. this is to show how thick the main bridge cable is,  36 inches in diameter. starting out on the south side of the bridge, driveing north, a driver's perspective.
  please do NOT try this on your own.  driveing and takeing pictures at the same time can be dangerous! in the middle of the golden gate bridge.  notice the lanes are extremely narrow. on the north side of bridge.  going north is FREE,  away from san francisco.
standing next to marin county side of the bridge.  parking on this side is FREE.  a bird's "I" view of the bridge traffic from the marin county side.  06/06/06 the north side of golden gate bridge, side view, marin county,  ca


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