clark county fair, wa  2006

clark county fair is held annually, in the little town of ridge-field, wa - 9 miles north of vancouver, wa.

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 the "cherie psychic" booth at the clark county fair, ridge-field, wa  08/07/06   sitting down with cherie and family at the clark county fair.  08/07/06 anna and cherie,  in-side the psychic booth
sitting in-side tractor with steffa' and nina,  but really going no-where!  steffa' -n- nina haveing a snack. walking around in the 88f heat makes you come hungery!  anna -n- steffa' eating the BIG elephant ear pastry
hangin' out with the piggy's  anna with steffa' sitting in-side the tractor nina -n- steffa' with grand-maw in the psychic booth 
 in-side the jurassic park exhibit a pond in-side the jurassic park  standing next to some BIG cows
hearts for sale .. but they were kinda x-pensive. a 1927 vintage engine with 1.75 hoarse-power.   you could use it to power a shave-ice machine. lady at the jurassic park exhibit holding a large yellow snake.


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