crusin' around in tianjin,  china   2008

 this wuz the last day in northern china,  had to ride the bus for 60 miles from beijing back to tian-jin, where we went to the air-port to get a flite back to guang-zhou.  we were let off in tian-jin to do some shopping.  -n- that we did!    05/04/08

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3 wheel'd car in tian-jin.  dunno how safe these contraptions are.  they'd probably huli over if you made a sharp turn.   tian-jin,  china     a construction site in tian-jin,  china    05/04/08 a sunday traffic jam in tian-jin, as view'd from this tour bus.   notice the immense amount of construction going on here 
looking over a river in tian-jin on a cool sunny sunday after-noon,  probably 70f -n- climbing.  the air is also clean here tiny red 3-wheel'd cars,  as I said before,  1 sharp turn could make 'em go huli over   another 3 wheel'd contraption on the streets of tian-jin.  i dunno if these things are street legal
standing next to a concrete dragon brite -n- sunny today in tian-jin,  temperature is probably close to 80f,  the air is cleaner then bei-jing.    05/04/08 out-door mall at tian-jin,  a lot of touristy type of stores here    05/04/08
 out-door shopping mall in tian-jin,  all funn with colourful stores -n- art-work standing next to some sculptures of ancient peoples in china, in a tian-jin out-door mall     xiong-mao next to a lady with a DA bai gou  (white puppy)  tian-jin,  china    05/04/08
in-side a shopping centre in tian-jin with "xiong-mao hen duo"  all for sale!     05/04/08 xiong-mao -n- mommy sampleing the dry'd cuttle-fish in a shopping centre in tian-jin,  china      a booth in-side the tian-jin shopping centre with all kinda goody's
xiong-mao next to some small stuffy toys in-side a tian-jin shopping centre standing below a colourful gate-way in a tian-jin out-door market/mall    05/04/08 standing next to a chineze man scupture with colourful clothes,  out-door mall in tian-jin 
out-door shopping mall in tian-jin,  this is a fun tourist attraction  a sunday after-noon on the streets of tian-jin a gao-xing xiong-mao enjoying the time in tian-jin.  who wouldnt on a nice day like this?
 standing next to a giant pretzel in-side the shopping mall in tian-jin  sampleing some dry'd cuttle fish with the xiong-mao mama-san.  ended up buying about 0.5 kilo's of the stuff to take back to oregon powder cases?  tian-jin shopping mall
a candy/snack shop in the tian-jin mall  in-side a crowded shopping mall in tian-jin xiong-mao haveing a little fun with the statue in-side the tian-jin mall    05/04/08
jing-cha zi-xing-che'  (police bi-cycles) all neatly park'd in a row  holding a piece of marble tile, it is heavy! xiong-mao standing next to rock formation, in front of the shopping mall.  tian-jin,  china    05/40/08


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