minoru park, richmond b.c.   2007

minoru park -n- chapel,  richmond b.c. canada   july 01, 2007

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 front side view of the minoru chapel, richmond, b.c. canada  07/01/07   road-side of the minoru chapel, origonally made in 1891 garden side view of the minoru chapel
standing in arch-way of the minoru park, with the chapel in the back-ground  standing by some young plants in garden takeing a break from walking in the park.  a warm/humid day:  73f/22.8c enough to break in a sweat!
kneeling next to a wabbit.  many a stray wabbit here, they no run away if you move slow enough. standing on park bench. a lake in-side minoru park/gardens
  sitting on bridge at the minoru park  standing in garden near chapel a healthy dark grey wabbit in the minoru park.
a yellow rose at the minoru park   sign says "no feed the birds, rat ctrl' in progress"  didnt think canada has a rat problema.   standing next to lake in-side minoru park
tropical looking plant in the park  lily plants in the park  path-way in minoru park, richmond b.c. canada   07/01/07


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