Home on kauai  - 2005

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30 seconds from landing at the lihue inter-national air-port - 02/15/05   chineze pagoda at the kauai community college, puhi, kauai 02/16/05 sitting on the stairs of the chineze pagoda.  (it is actually HUGE)
rideing a bi-cycle on the kauai community college - puhi, kauai   world's famous hamura saimin, lower down-town lihue, kauai aloe vera cactus growing good, home in down-town lihue, kauai 02/18/05
kent's house in east kalaheo, kauai, the 'skitoes will eat you ALIVE here!  a sunday drive west-bound on hwy #50, with mt kahili in the back-ground, 02/20/05  hwy #50 east-bound near kahili mt. park  near omao, kauai
looking mauka towards down-town kalaheo, kauai - 02/19/05  chevy srr at the kauai community college - $55,000 in kauai dollers.  1 of the world's HIGHEST gasoline prices.  This wuz back in 02/22/05


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