puhi, kauai,  hawai'i - winter 2007

scenes from puhi, kauai.  this includes the campus of the kauai community college, and the kilohana plantation hale. 

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the kilohana plantation hale'.  it is a museum, has gift shops, train -n- hoarse rides.  made in 1935.  puhi, kauai,  hi  02/17/07   sitting at the piano at the kilohana plantation hale'.  (no, I didnt do a concert here .. just for picture takeing only)      standing in front of kilohana plantation sign.  a warm day in puhi,  78f -n- partly sunny  02/17/07
kent in-side a shopping cart at kauai costco.  store is so BIG, walking around gets very tireing.  standing in front of "witches brew" statue in front of the kauai community college auditorium  eating korean food at the local "kim chee" restaraunt  in kukui grove maul.  puhi, kauai   02/15/07
hanging out with kent, his girl-friend mary, and her son cameron, at the kauai community college lounge.  joining the "dark side" is funner then you think!   02/17/07  sunday mourning traffic jam east-bound on hwy #50 towards lihue.   puhi, kauai   02/18/07
  bruddah noland, ledward ka'apana, mike ka'awa, brittni paiva all performing at the kauai community college auditorium  02/18/07  standing with ledward ka'apana, slack key guitar artist, back-stage of the k.c.c. auditorium after the concert pau.  standing with bruddah noland, hawai'ian musician, back-stage of the k.c.c. auditorium after the concert pau.


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