friends -n- relatives,  oahu   2008

spending the christmas holidays with friends -n- relatives in december of 2008

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the gang hangin' out at nancy's house for christmas eve.  royal summit, oahu,  hi    12/24/08 nancy's nieces -n- nephew's excitedly opening thier christmas presents christmas eve nite diane -n- the 1  i'd purple people eater monster.    12/24/08 
standing with cousin russell -n- his girl-friend jasmine.  post christmas party at hawaiiloa    12/27/08 standing with the "onuma clan" post christmas party  sitting at the piano,  for a post christmas party.  hawaiiloa,  oahu,  hi   12/27/08  
russell with daughter blanche, -n- son in law randy.  hawaiiloa,  oahu,  hi    12/27/08  hanging out with cousins lambert -n- russell left to right:  grandmaw, me -n- her sister aunty jane.    12/27/08
haveing dinner with the 4th cousin naoko -n- her husband ichiro, from fuku-oka,  japan.  kin wah chineze restaraunt,  south kaneohe,  oahu    12/26/08  terry -n- his family  (troy's younger brother) haveing dinner in aiea    12/28/08 haveing dinner with troy, -n- his wife, in a chineze restaraunt in aiea.    went to HIGH school with him 30 years ago.    12/28/08  
takeing pictures in-side the princess kaiulani hotel.  wai-kiki,  oahu,  hi    12/05/08 dale -n- erik haveing fun at the play ground in-side windward mall.  ke'ehi,  oahu,  hi    12/04/08  dale -n- erik haveing dinner at the pho' one near ala moana shopping centre    12/06/08
christmas scene in-side the princess kaiulani hotel    12/05/08 alex -n- peony in a local style restaraunt in kaneohe    01/06/09  erik rideing in a giant ba-na-na with a gao-xing hou-zi at ala moana shopping centre    12/06/08


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