stone-henge   mary-hill,  wa   2006

the replica stone-henge world war 01 memorial,  completed in 1929.  mary-hill, washington

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 standing next to the stone-henge instruction table. it shows where the sun/moon positions should be at, various times of the year    standing by the replica stone-henge, completed in 1929.  it wuz a very HOT day here:  93f in the shade, if you could find any.   09/05/06   standing out-side the stone-henge memorial, the city of mary-hill lies below,  biggs oregon across the river
sitting on altar stone of the replica stone-henge.  this is 115 miles east of portland, or      standing in-side the stone-henge memorial.    mary-hill is named after the city's founder, sam hills' daughter.   in-side the stone-henge memorial  09/05/06
the replica stone-henge in the distance.  picture taken from the inter-section of us hwy #97 and washington hwy #14 standing next to heel stone,  15 ft. high.  located east of the main stone-henge memorial looking at the stone-henge from the west.  mary-hill, wa  09/05/06
 east-bound on inter-state #84 past "the dalles", or. miles -n- miles of NOTHING!! it is so dry out-side here, nothing really grows here.  it is difficult to keep up with the speed limit, even with a HIGH powered vehicle.  this 2-lane road is NOT that straight! near the john day dam, looking towards the east on the columbia river.  east mary-hill, wa  09/05/06


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