south hai-zhu, guang-zhou  #1    2007

I wuz staying at the "ai du" hotel in southern hai-zhu, on dong-xiao nanlu rd for 30 days.

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standing in front of the ai-du hotel, it means "love land",  I call it the "love shack" as the b-52's would   09/10/07 the room rate chart of the ai-du hotel.  I wuz in-side the deluxe twin room with a view of dong-xiao nanlu road from the 4th floor standing behind the ai-du hotel, on some buildings, they mount HUGE phone numbers very BIG. 
 me -n- the cat in-side the hotel room, which costed 3800 rmb's for 30 days. ($511.00 in usa)  standing in front of the hotel room, air conditioned very good, probably the coolest place in all guang-zhou! the sun shines through the SMOG here in hai-zhu, it is very hot, 92f -n- humid, 55% relative humidity (hen ru')    09/12/07
 a great view from my 4th floor room.  china does have a good free-way system.  the cat lives in 1 of those buildings in front.  standing next to statue near "ai du" hotel    09/10/07   lady's in nanzhou ming-yuan doing thier mourning exercises with RED fans.  even at 08:00 am, it is 83f -n- the humidity very HIGH!
how lucky to have a mc donalds near the hotel.  open  24 hours, NO drive through.  this is the only place I could find HOT coffee in hai-zhu   open market in the back streets in southern hai-zhu walking around hai-zhu can be a "trippy" experience, notice how the floor levels do not meet precisely.
 store selling colourful buckets in hai-zhu    09/11/07   commercial -n- industrial bank of china. (only a few banks have atm's that work for american banks)  xiao-yuan swimming pool.  went here every other day to swim at a cost of 10 rmb's.  kinda BIG pool.
a lot of greenery, nanzhou ming-yuan, near where the "cat" lives.    09/11/07 swimming pool near cats home with no water.  :-(    (may you shui you yong chi!) lunch with soft pork, cabbage -n- skinny noodles cost about $2.50 near the "ai-du" hotel


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