hanapepe, kauai  2006

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 the hanapepe canyon look-out, on the side of hwy #50,  ele'ele, kauai,  HI  02/15/06  a view of down-town hanapepe from the ele'ele school trail.  can you spot the family truck in this picture?  the hanapepe river and the world's famous swinging bridge  02/15/06
the world's famous hanapepe swinging bridge, over the hanapepe river  hanapepe river, still remains mostly un-developed as of today  02/15/06  art-work on an old water-tank, on the side of the hanapepe, ele'ele school trail   02/15/06
 *new* house next to the hanapepe river the great grand-paw's store building, now is giorgio's art gallery, down-town hanapepe, kauai,  HI a plaque describeing the history of the building in its hey-day.  made by dawn m. traina 
the nice thing about down-town hanapepe, is the absence of traffic, even on a week-day after-noon standing next to a plaque describeing the great grand-paw's store history (the k.c. kai store - 1931) dawn traina and her art gallery, she is the artist who made all the plaques explaining the historical events of each building in hanapepe
a lazy doggey in down-town hanapepe, kauai   02/15/06 old theathre in down-town hanapepe, I guess they couldnt make it in  the 70 mm, thx, surround sound world.   kauai civil defence siren system.  these noize makers can be x-tremely LOUD!   ele'ele, kauai,  HI  02/15/06


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