north san francisco, ca  2007

north san francisco,  fort mason, fisherman's wharf area, also HIGH gas prices!

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 sitting with ellie crystal of  for a year 2012 work-shop at fort mason    standing next to black hoarse at building #c in fort mason, north san francisco  05/20/07 standing on pier of fort mason, with the golden gate bridge in the back-ground.
standing next to the herbst pavilion building at the fort mason in north san francisco. buildings were made in 1910 - 1914 for the military. chineze food for $5.70 a plate, on van ness ave, north san francisco  05/19/07  a good day in san francisco,  60f/15.5c -n- sunny.  van ness st.  north san francisco.
chevron gas station at van ness st. in north san francisco.  $3.92 a gallon for reguler.


outrageous gas prices in san francisco. the highest in the USA, if NOT, the world.   05/19/07 the electric bus, run by electricity.  no FUMES, no NOIZE!  van ness ave   05/21/07
 stay'd here at the fabulous 1 star "america's best inn"  north san francisco,  ca  05/19/07  the intersection of bay st -n- columbus st.  the coit tower is visible out in the distance. standing at the end of columbus st.  the trans-america pyramid is visible in the back-ground  (853 ft high)   05/22/07
statue at nite,  at the fisherman's wharf area in north san francisco,  ca   fisherman's wharf sign at nite  05/21/07  fisherman's wharf in north san francisco at nite.
standing in front of the fort mason center in the late after-noon sun  the ho's restaraunt on van ness st.  north san francisco   05/19/07  oop!  some-body dropped a bottle of wine for wine tasteing class


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