china-town san francisco, ca  2007

china-town san francisco

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 jackson st. -n- columbus st.   intersection,  just east of china-town, san francisco,  ca  parking is very expensive in china-town,  this is the week-end rate that is posted.  05/21/07 standing on jackson st. -n- kearny st. intersection
 a colourfun "united commercial back" building in china-town standing in front of viet-na-meze restaraunt in china-town   grant st. on a cool 65f  sunny day in china-town
 playing tourist on grant st.  (all I went buy wuz 10 hong-kong vcd movies while in china-town) grant st  china-town san francisco  intersection of grant and washington st.  china-town
 kearny st. in down-town san francisco looking towards the south  05/21/07 kearny st. in down-town looking towards the north,  coit tower is visible in the distance a bunch of people hangin' out by a chineze art gallery


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