miao-xian liu - the cat/xiong-mao  2008  #1

miao-xian liu - the cat, or as I call her,  xiong-mao of  guangzhou, guangdong, china  (xiong-mao really means panda bear) with various pictures from 2008

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haveing lunch with a good friend  enjoying the day at the xiang-jiang safari park zoo,  pan-yu   in front of a real xiong-mao exhibit
haveing lunch with mommy  xiong-mao's in the xiang-jiang zoo haveing fun a real xiong-mao roaming around in its place, xiang-jiang safari park zoo
stuffy xiong mao toys for sale at the xiang-jiang zoo gift shop   a real xiong-mao  a real xiong-mao at the zoo
haveing lunch with a good friend  hangin' out with my friends kids at the zoo  haveing a good time with my former HIGH school class-mates
the jie-jie -n- her husband in a restaraunt  acquireing now toys at mcdonalds  standing next to the "winnie the pooh" with daddy on the other side
haveing lunch with mommy   sitting in-side a fei-ji bound for beijing  cruisin' with my jie-jie  (older sister)
standing next to a BIG mickey lao-shu  me -n- daddy sitting next to a bronze man standing next to susan, a class-mate from high school
standing next to a white snoopy embedded with pink hearts   standing next to daddy at a BIG restaraunt standing in front of an apartment building in guang-zhou 
hangin' out with my good friends  hangin' out with my good friend  hangin' out with my good friends
haveing lunch with a good friend   sitting down to take a break on this HOT day standing with my friend -n- her son in front of a old red building in guang-zhou


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