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Kalani Nishimura
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WARNING!! This web page is not intended to be typographically -n- grammatically correct.
These are a collection of my most populer MIDI files (all made by Kauai Style Productions, or K. Nishimura.
There is all kinds of midi files here: Hawaiian, jazz, populer, ragtime, oldiez, -n- a few TV themes!!
You can download or play from here, which are in the native .mid format. If you wanna make one special order MIDI or sound, or juss' wanna drop a line here, e-mail =

Happy Spring!
New midi releases
papalina.midPapa-lina lahi-lahi - hawai'ian hula classic *NEW!*
remember.midI'll Remember You - Kui Lee / Don Ho classic, contemporary Hawaiian
moonfly.midFly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra classic, lite piano jazz
breezin.midBreezin' - Keoki Benson classic
whut3.midName this toon #3 - Kauai Style Marching band
unanota.midSamba de una nota - 1 note samba '00, bossa nova
jinrock.midJingle Bell Rock, Christmas song, (Kauai Style version)
melechol.midMelencholy Babe, swing piano jazz, 1940's (Kauai Style version)
exactly.midExactly like you, Benny Goodman classic, (Kauai Style version)
iwanna.midI wanna be with you, Bey city rollurs, 1970's rock -n- roll
amazing.midAmazing Grace, religious song
gsleeve.midGreen-sleeves, Traditional British folk song, Christmas song
journey.midSentimental Journey, BIG BAND swing
hilo.midHilo March, Old Hawaiian March ver. 1.1
sandman.midMr. Sandman, Song from Back to the future 01
diamond.midDiamond Head, 1960'z surf rock classic
alohaoe.midAloha Oe, Hawaiian song by Queen Liliuokalani
shack.midMy little grass shack, hapa haole song
manuela.midManuela Boy, Hawaiian slack key simulation Ver. 2.0
daymake.midWhutta difference doez day make (cha-cha)
titanic.midLove theme from "Titanic" Movie.
taboo.midTaboo, Arthur Lyman Classic. 1957 vintage
canttake.midCant take my I'z off of you, Disco dance music Ver. 1.0
hulablue.midHula Bluez, vintage hawaiian song Ver. 1.0
jbellz.midJingle Bellz, Christmas Song Ver. 1.0
imhawaii.midI am Hawai'i, Movie Theme Song Ver. 1.01
treasure.midOn one Treasure Island, 1935 stride piano solo Ver. 1.0
bobblez.midTiny Bubblez, Hapa Haole Raggae Song Ver. 1.0
tootsie.midTootsie G'bye, 1920'z stride piano solo Ver. 1.0
browngal.midLittle Brown Gal, Hapa Haole Hula Ver. 1.0
hukilau.midHukilau, Hapa Haole Hula Ver. 1.0
beyond.midBeyond The Reef, Hapa Haole Slow Song Ver. 1.01
hulahand.midLovely Hula Handz, Hapa Haole Hula
tickle.midTiko-tiko, Latino classic
whut2.midName this toon #2
warchant.midHawaiian War Chant, "Kauai Style" band!
ben.midBen, a Michael Jackson classic
pmasen.midPerry Masen, Vintage t.v. show theme song
carioca.midCarioca, latino Big Band ensemble (rhumba beat)
t42.midTea for two, jazz stride piano solo
hanahano.midHano-hano Hanalei, Traditionel Hawaiian song
hanalei.midHanalei Moon, Hawaiian piano solo
tenderly.midTenderly, 1940'z jazz piano solo
whitxmas.midI dreaming of one White Christmas
melekali.midMele Kalikimaka, Hawaiian Christmas song
wallst.midWall St. Rag - Herb Alpert + TJB classic
jeopardy.midWhut is Jeopardy? TV theme.
bumble.mid Flite of the bumble bee - boogie woogie style
sleyride.mid Sley-ride - Leroy Anderson Christmas classic
hialoha.mid Hawai'i Aloha -modern dey "goodbye" song
paauau.mid Paauau Waltz - Classical Hawaiian waltz
watch.midWatch whut happenz, jazz bossa nova, swing
honolulu.midHonolulu, old hawaiian song with a good beat
kanaka.midKanaka wai-wai, Hawaiian gospel song
pualilia.midPua Lilia, hawaiian piano solo
noalike.midUa no a like', hawaiian piano solo
hawnwedd.midHawaiian Wedding song, hawaiian piano solo
waikiki.mid Waikiki, one hapa-haole piano solo
leialoha.mid Lei aloha makamae, hawaiian piano solo
Previously released midi filez
albundy.mid Theme frum the Al Bundy show.
apocalpz.mid Apocalypse des animaux, new age MIDI file.
brazil.mid samba MIDI file.
bethere.mid I'll be there, populer MIDI file, michael jackson classic. (also redone by maria carey)
canadian.midCanadian Caperz, rag-time piano solo
chacha1.mid Latino cha-cha song (do you recognize it?)
chopstix.mid made populer in the movie "BIG"
cristofi.mid Cristofori'z dream, new age MIDI file.
frenesi.mid Big band MIDI file, 1 of my first.
funkyton.mid Funkytown, dance music frum the 80'z.
hotnsoul.mid Heart -n- soul. Up-dated - 05/01/00 - ver 1.5
ikona.mid a hawaiian classic by the Ka'apana bruddah'z
kitten.mid Kitten on the keyz, ragtime piano
mapuana.mid Mapuana, old hawaiian song
noblame.midNo blame me
nola.midNola, Re-released version (2.0), rag-time music
norun.mid Walk, no run, surf-rock classic
on1video.mid On one video, techno-rock
samblero.mid Sambalero, bossa nova jazz
serenade.mid Moonlite serenade
somuch.mid So much in love
sukiyaki.mid Sukiyaki, japaneze song
summer.mid Summer samba, bossa nova
sumplace.mid Theme from one summer place - Up-dated 05/02/00 - ver. 1.3
take1bow.mid recent song singed by Madonna
twilitez.mid Twilite zone, techno-rock
whutthis.mid Can you name this toon? e-mail me if you know!
work.mid The work song (Herb Alpert + TJB)
yelbrick.mid G'bye Yellow brick road


This is a picture of me, taken in feb. 04, 2006 in east waikiki, HI.

As you can see, I'ma one local boy, borned here in the Hawai'ian islands, also known as the Kingdom of Hawai'i. Now I live in this little town called Hillsboro, Oregon which is 12 milez west of downtown Portland, Oregon.

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