down-town  saigon - viet-nam

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 giant anthurium plants at the re-unification palace,  down-town saigon, viet-nam   10/23/04 re-unification palace,  down-town saigon 10/23/04  rideing a concrete elephant at the re-unification palace park
 fountain in front the re-unification palace   a deluxe porta-potty @ the re-unification palace park.  nam = man, nu = woman  sculpture made of potted plants
a buzy street in down-town saigon old church in down-town saigon, viet-nam (this time in FULL day-lite)  10/23/04 monkey in-side cage, lai thieu, binh duong, viet-nam  10/14/04
 colourful buildings in down-town saigon  (too bad they no make 'em like this in america!)   10/13/04 out-door market in down-town saigon,  nite time  10/22/04 the viet-na-meze coast-line view from the aero-plane, possibly vung tau beach   10/25/04


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