lai thieu, binh duong - viet-nam   #2

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hangin' out at the swimmin' pool at the regal club, binh duong, viet-nam.     swimming pool is complete with a water-fall.  it cost $4.00 (usa$) to swim here  10/21/04 floating in-side the regal club swimming pool 
  stores in down-town binh duong, viet-nam 10/21/04


a couple of jewelry stores in down-town binh-duong   a viet-na-meze equivalent of a "super kmart", grocery's -n- all, down-town binh duong, viet-nam
standing on street in down-town binh duong  10/21/04  buildings in down-town binh duong ain't this the life!  waiting for the next bus for lai thieu (2 miles away)
 an internet cafe' on the side of the road.  (1 mile away from lai thieu)   electrical power workers on a power-line on the road to lai thieu a good burglar deterent, climbing over this wall will give you a serious OWEEEEE!
cleaning out vegetables for lunch in lai thieu  10/12/04 watching tv in-side house in lai thieu  10/12/04 a electric breaker box in viet-nam.  This would be illegal in-side the USA. 10/11/04


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