dam sen park - saigon - viet-nam

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  water fountain is so tempting to jump in.  90f/32.2c @  85% humidity - dam sen park - saigon, viet-nam    10/15/04  temple in-side dam sen park, saigon, viet-nam standing in front of chineze restaraunt at dam sen park
 aerial view from the gondola ride in dam sen park.  notice the abundance of totan roofs


 the chineze restaraunt and the big lake  view of the other side of dam sen park from the gondola ride  10/15/04
a pair of dragons guard the dam sen park  bridge in garden another nice bridge in dam sen park
 red gingers grow good in viet-nam 10/15/04 healthy "yellow flowers" (they also grow in hawai'i, but I dunno the name)  2 very large love-birds, very colourful
 anthuriums also grow well in viet-nam cactus garden in-side green-house at dam sen park  entrance to the dam sen park, saigon, viet-nam  10/15/04


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